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Imagen de Alien Shooter
Approval level: 94%
Updated : 2009-03-30
Downloads this week: 1.035
Times recommended: 1
Category: Games
SubCategory: Arcade and Action Games
Type: Shareware
Size: 23.849kb.
Language: Program in English or Multilanguage   

"The destiny of mankind depends on how many aliens you can kill with your gun."

If you like the old games where you have to shoot at enemies (usually aliens) without stopping, then you'll love this Alien Shooter. As you will no doubt know by now, with Alien Shooter you have an adrenalin-filled game of pure action in which the destiny of mankind depends on you. You have to show you are the best prepared and most lethal soldier and destroy the largest number of aliens possible (all types of species of creature).

In Alien Shooter you have a varied arsenal, which you can change and buy more when you have killed enough aliens. You go up through the levels, where aliens in enormous quantities attack you simultaneously, so you have to show skill, reflexes and above all rapid response.

Alien Shooter has a cenital viewpoint, where you can clearly appreciate the distinct areas where the aliens hide. You can then go and find them to kill them. The graphics, sound and ambient music are also all excellent.

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